Survey of Climate Friendly Companies

This is a free service – the Institute does not accept advertising or corporate donations. It is provided to give climate-aware consumers and investors the information they want on companies they should deal with. Organisations that are proactively fighting climate change.

Join our survey and gain exposure over our network to hundreds of thousands of people, giving your company visibility and credibility.

Let consumers know your company is reducing your carbon footprint, and gain recognition for you climate friendly efforts.

People want to know which are the genuinely climate friendly brands and products that they should be buying


Businesses that look to the future are realizing there will be an inevitable transition to a low carbon economy with growing pressure from governments and consumers.  Shareholders are increasingly reluctant to invest in companies that have a higher carbon footprint than their competitors.

Climate Friendly Companies should be: 

  • calculating their emissions and carbon footprint ¬†
  • offsetting their unavoidable emissions
  • implementing an emission reduction program