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Skylife invests in cleantech leader eleXsys Energy

Innovative Australian investment group Skylife has become the latest investor in eleXsys Energy, the inventor of a game-changing solution that unleashes the full potential of local renewable energy.
Skylife’s A$1.5 million equity investment in the group’s parent eleXsys Energy plc announced this week reflects its focus on investing in companies that are actively creating a more efficient and sustainable global future.
The Skylife investment is part of a $A25m series B capital raising which is going well.
Founded in Australia and now headquartered in London, eleXsys Energy’s award-winning technology turns large commercial and industrial sites into profitable solar and battery powered microgrids, or urban clean power stations. The eleXsys technology is currently being installed at IKEA in Adelaide, which aims to be 100% reliant on clean energy by 2025.
Skylife is a property and investment group launched by the Tartak family, founders of Bingo Industries, one of Australia’s largest recycling and waste management companies.
“We are very pleased to have Skylife join our rapidly growing base of local and international shareholders,” said eleXsys Energy Executive Director Richard Romanowski.
“Our business is focused on fast-tracking decarbonisation through a transformative software and hardware technology that enables existing electricity grids to accept multiple times more locally produced clean energy without expensive infrastructure upgrades,” he said.
“This new capital will help to ensure our continued growth as we look to establish joint ventures with strategically aligned partners around the world.
“It will also support our ongoing research and development activity, which has already identified numerous practical applications of the eleXsys technology across microgrids, battery energy storage systems, off-grid green energy systems and more.”
Skylife Director Daniel Girgis said the decision to invest in eleXsys Energy matched the group’s strong commitment to improving environmental outcomes for the next generation.
“Without innovative cleantech solutions such as eleXsys, we will not achieve the massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions needed to combat climate change and reach the all-important 2050 Net Zero target,” he said. “We are delighted with this opportunity to support ground-breaking Australian-developed technology that will undoubtedly be one of these solutions.” To find out more about how eleXsys is contributing to a clean energy future, go to

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