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The Climate Change Institute Carbon Registry contains the records of UNCDM Certified Emission Reduction (CER) units which have been offset or retired to various members of carbon offset buying groups. The aim is to give our followers the opportunity to buy carbon offsets in groups at prices that would normally only be available to those buying in the thousands of tonnes.

Through our partners at Carbon Trade Exchange, the institute acquires a block of CERs from the UNCDM. Each has a serial number and is equivalent to 1 tonne of C02e. We then allocate these to people in the various Carbon Offset Groups. Each Carbon Offset Group or COG has an identification number which relates directly to the certificate issued by the UN and displayed on their CDM Registry website along with the verified project it finances.

The Institute issues certificates stating the UNCDM Registry Certificate Number and the unique serial numbers of each CER that have been purchased. The serial numbers can be verified on the UN website as being ‘voluntarily cancelled’ which means that they have now been used to offset emissions. To be valid, a Climate Change Institute Carbon Offset Certificate will always state (on the rear) 1/. the serial numbers for the CERs that have been purchased; 2/. the UNCDM Certificate VC number; and 3/. the COG# Number, along with project information. Your serial numbers are also displayed and can be verified on the UNCDM Registry website.

If you have received a Carbon Offset Certificate from the Climate Change Institute, it will contain the serial numbers for each Certified Emission Reduction unit you have purchased along with the COG# number.

At this registry ( you can either select the GOP# number located on your certificate, or type serial number into the search box.

For example, type COG#2208

On your GOG# page you will see a block of serial numbers and name of the organization or person they were allocated to and scroll down until your see your numbers.

There will be a link to the UNCDM Registry where you can check that the serial numbers on your Climate Change Institute Carbon Offset Certificate matches those on the UNCDM Registry.