Vietnam • Wind Onshore 10 x Tonnes CO2e Offset


Bac Lieu Wind Farm

Sustainable Development Goals supported:



Vietnam has experienced a rapid increase in the demand for electricity fuled by economic growth over the past two decades. However, with demand outpacing the current supply, electricity shortages and increasingly regular power cuts are negatively affecting the economy and local livelihoods.


The Bac Lieu wind farm involves 62 wind turbines installed in two phases, each with a capacity of 1.6 MW, resulting in a total installed capacity of 99.2 MW. The project generates approximately 327,826 MWh of clean electricity on average annually, which is fed into the national grid. It contributes to bridging the supply-demand electricity gap, and is an important investment for Vietnams renewable energy supply strategy.


The Bac Lieu project has created over 100 steady jobs for the operation of the wind farm and supports the local community by funding social activities like sports and cultural events. The project also contributes to charity funds such as Fund for the Poor and Fund for Farmers, which improve services in surrounding areas, and tree planting activities promote regional biodiversity. The success of the project helps boost Bac Lieus provincial economy, as it will pay an annual tax to the local and State budget. It also paves the way for similar wind power projects in the region and the construction of an upgraded power transmission line reduces electricity losses and improves the local electricity supply.


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