Australia – Reforestation & Biodiversity 10 x Tonnes CO2e Offsets and 10 x Aussi Bio Units


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10 Tonne Carbon Offset Certificate

Sustainable Development Goals supported:


Reforestation & Biodiversity  Eco Australia

10 tonnes carbon offsets

10 Australian biodiversity units

Certified as:

Gold Standard Voluntary Emissions Reduction (GSVER)

Verified Carbon Units (VCU)

Project Details

Eco Australia

This project offers both Carbon Offsets and Australian Biodiversity Units (ABU) through Mount Sandy Conservation, Australia. A solution for reducing global emissions and restoring Australia’s native vegetation with Indigenous land restoration in Australia using native methods

In Australia, land clearing and degradation as well as more frequent extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall and soaring temperatures, pose huge threats to the country’s unique wildlife. Globally, levels of planet-warming gases will continue to rise, particularly in countries that don’t have the capacity or finance to transition to a more sustainable future.


Our unique EcoAustralia product provides the opportunity to support the regeneration and preservation of Australia’s biodiversity and measurably address global climate change, at the same time. Each EcoAustralia credit consists of one Australian Biodiversity Unit, equal to 1.5m2 of government-accredited, permanently protected Australian vegetation, bundled with 1 tonne of avoided greenhouse gas emissions from a Gold Standard certified project. The Australia Biodiversity Unit supports the Mount Sandy Conservation project, which is located on South Australia’s Limestone Coast. The project covers the traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people, Traditional Custodians of the Coorong – and is a rare pocket of intact native vegetation in the region. The project brings together indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Australia by promoting traditional land management for biodiversity conservation.


The Mount Sandy project permanently protects a regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land in partnership with its Traditional Owners. Local birds, animals and plants flourish undisturbed, while native plants for revegetation are supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, a self-governed Indigenous community 50 kilometres northwest of the project site. Raukkan community members are also employed for onsite works including vegetation monitoring and mapping, fencing, and pest and weed control. By supporting EcoAustralia, Australia’s unique heritage and vegetation are protected for generations to come; while certified emission reductions are helping to slow the climate crisis and create a circular economy.

The Coorong National Park and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert are the meeting point where the Murray Australias largest river, with a catchment of over one million square kilometres feeds into the Southern Ocean. Part of South Australias Limestone Coast, this region features some of the countrys most breathtaking landscapes. However, land surrounding these national treasures has been largely cleared for agriculture.

Promoting partnerships for conservation between Traditional Landowners and non-Indigenous Australians through vital conservation work

This project earns Gold Standard carbon credits and government accredited Australian Biodiversity Unit purchased from Mount Sandy, meeting stringent standards for NCOS Climate Active eligibility.

Partnerships for Reconciliation

Non-Indigenous Australians and Ngarrindjeri Traditional Owners working together for conservation management. Saving Australia’s traditional lands, and the rightful natives who have strived for thousands of years to maintain the balance between nature and humans, is our duty. Preserving the unique flora and fauna of the diverse landscape is imperative. The land, spanning over 200 hectares, is slowly slipping into agriculture and farmlands which directly impacts the natural wildlife found in this region and result in the extinction of the sacred native plantations. To prevent this, we wish to help build a strong community that recognises the relationship between the Ngarrindjeri people and Mount Sandy.

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