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With the Climate Change Institute you can obtain your carbon offsets every month and pay as you go. This enables companies to offset their emissions right away without having to pay up front for an entire year.

Obtain your offsets through the Institute and get wide public exposure for being a climate friendly company.

The institute supports our subscribers by regularly publishing information on how they are supporting UN verified projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reaching their sustainability goals.

This has proven a popular source of consumer information to our 750,000 social media followers.

With the Institute you can let the world know that your company is climate friendly and fighting climate change.

You are eligible to display the Climate Friendly label on your website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come in contact with your brand.

You can start right away with the 5 tonne per month plan. 5 tonnes per month is 60 tonnes per year which is considered to be the average emission for a small business*.

You will receive a Carbon Offset Certificate and be issued each month with the serial numbers of the UNCDM Certified Emission Reduction (CER) units you are purchasing. Each one is equivalent to one tonne of CO2-e and has a unique serial number which can also be referenced on the CDM Registry of the United Nations Secretariat

Offset an Use our GHG Tutorial to estimate your exact carbon footprint.

Choose a monthly plan to suit the size of your business.

5 tonnes / month $45

10 tonnes / month $80

20 tonnes / month $150

50 tonnes / month $280

100 tonnes / month $500

Go Net Carbon Negative

Some companies choose to offset more tonnes of CO2 than they generate and so become Net Carbon Negative.

This means that their company operations are actually removing more carbon than they emit.

The Institute encourages companies to do this by offering special free promotion and editorials.

Offset more than you emit and you are eligible to use this label.

*Research from found Australia’s 2.4 million SMEs emit about 146.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually which is approx. 60 tonnes per year for each small business or 5 tonnes per month. This is an average amount Рfor example a Digital Agency with 50 Employees emits about a 100 Tonnes annually and a small retailer around 40 Tonnes. According to the EPA, America and Australian per capita emissions are basically the same Рapprox. 16 tonnes per year.