Be rewarded for offsetting your emissions when you become a Verified Project Sponsor

When you obtain carbon offset certificates through the Institute you automatically become a Verified Project Sponsor. You gain free promotion over our social media network and also granted the right to display our label on your website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come in contact with your brand.

The label shows that you are pro-actively fighting climate by sponsoring verified projects.

Carbon offset certificates finance verified carbon neutral projects to offset your emissions.

If we are to beat climate change then low carbon footprint companies must be rewarded by consumers and investors.

More and more people want to know which are the genuine Climate Friendly Companies that they should deal with.

Be rewarded

More and more consumers want to deal with climate friendly companies so let the world know you have purchased offset certificates to lower global emissions.

Take climate action

Offset your emissions through the Climate Change Institute and gain exposure over one of social media’s most popular environmental networks.

Be recognised

You climate friendly actions are broadcast to hundreds of thousands of our followers, giving you visibility and credibility.

With over 50,000 followers, our Project Sponsors Twitter site is one of our most popular. This is where we highlight people and companies that are buying offsets and investing in verified carbon neutral projects to reduce global warming.

People increasingly want to know which companies and products are genuinely climate friendly.

Offsetting emissions and sponsoring projects is a definite statement that a company is fighting climate change.

Use of the Label is subject to the License Agreement.

Become a climate Friendly Company

Implement an emission reduction program.

Calculate your organisation’s Carbon Footprint and determine remaining emissions.

Use carbon credits to offset some or all of the emissions that you can’t eliminate.

Go to the Print Shop and can choose from a range of carbon neutral promotional merchandise such as caps, and stickers which you can print with your company name or brand.

Let the world know about your climate friendly efforts.