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You will soon be able to buy carbon offsets through the Institute at prices based on the global carbon exchange. We can negotiate bulk discounts for our 750,000 followers, allowing us to pass on the best market prices.

Carbon offsets finance verified projects that reduce and eliminate carbon. They are subject to a rigorous registration and verification process. Projects can include wind, solar, hydro, biomass energy recovery, geothermal and GHG abatement. Projects earn carbon credit units and each unit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2e.Each unit has a unique serial number and is recorded on UN CDM, Verrra or Gold Standard Registry.

  • Upon purchase, you will be issued with a certificate from the UNCDM Registry with the serial numbers of your CERs which you can verify on their website.
  • Your CERs are recorded as having being used to offset your emissions. This is called being ‘voluntarily cancelled’ and they are taken out of circulation and cannot be used again.

The Climate Change Institute is a name you can trust with an independent verification process directed by the UNFCCC. We also provide an emission reduction program and GHG accounting tutorials. The Institute believes that climate friendly companies should be recognised by consumers. When you buy offsets we grant you the right to use our logo on your website, packaging or where anyone comes into contact with your brand. We are also happy to provide free editorials through our social media network of over 750,000 followers.

Purchasing Carbon Offsets finance verified projects that slow global warming and buy us time for the world to make the transition to low-emission economies.

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