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The Climate Change Institute grew out of a social media environmental group that began in 2015 and the company name was registered in 2019 by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. We provide information and resources to mitigate climate change to our 750,000 followers and support projects that reduce and remove the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in order to stabilise the rate of global warming and climate change.

Solutions to climate change

Carbon reduction projects buy us time for the world to make the transition to low-emitting economies. There are many exciting new projects emerging, New technologies have being developed to plant thousands of trees per day, making it a more cost-effective method of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Our Mission

Help companies and individuals to go carbon neutral by providing resources and access to the most efficient carbon offset projects that efficiently reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Values

Unlike drastic emission reduction and industry shutdowns, projects can actually create employment.

Our Solution

Making available tutorials and resources for emission reduction and GHG inventory calculation and ensuring that offset projects offer the best value for money.

Your Support is Essential