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With over 750,000 followers, we are a popular resource to assist companies and individuals to measure, reduce and offset their emissions.

The Institute offers wholesale prices for carbon credit offsets direct from the trading floor of the global carbon exchange and are able to negotiate bulk discounts to pass on to our 750,000 followers.  

Resources for Businesses

The Institute provides free tutorials and templates to assist small and medium sized companies to measure their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions.

Emission Reduction Program

There is a free emission reduction program template for businesses, and guidance for individuals, to reduce their emissions.

GHG Accounting Tutorial

The GHG Accounting Tutorial assists in conducting a thorough GHG emissions survey using recognised standards and ensuring the correct procedures and documentation are in place.

What are carbon credits?

Established under the Kyoto Protocol, carbon offset credits finance verified projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

It was recognised that it’s impossible to eliminate emissions entirely, but the amount left over can be offset by purchasing carbon credits.

Carbon offsets enable companies – and individuals – to meet their targeted emission levels.

Verified carbon removal projects

Verified projects reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere that could otherwise stay there for thousands of years.

Verified Projects slow down the rate of global warming and buy us time to make the transition to low carbon economies.

They have a rigorous verification and registration process administered by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism UNCDM Secretariat.

Carbon Neutral Now

It only takes a few minutes for people to check your carbon footprint with the Institute or we provide spreadsheets and tutorials based on EPA emission data if you want a more detailed analysis. After calculating your carbon footprint, you see how many tonnes need offsetting to become carbon neutral.

14,000 climate scientists have issued a warning that we may soon hit the point of no return where climate change becomes irreversible no matter what actions we take.

We cannot stop climate change if we just rely on government regulation. Consumers and investors must also support climate the genuine climate friendly companies

If we do not support companies that have invested in reducing and offsetting their emissions, then eventually their higher emitting competitors may put them out of business

Which are the climate friendly companies?

Climate friendly companies are those that are meeting their sustainability goals.

Consumers increasingly want information on companies and products that are genuinely climate friendly.

This service provided by the Institute to gives people information on companies that are meeting their sustainability goals.

The Institute believes that we will never stop climate change if we purely rely on government regulation.

Consumers and investors must support climate friendly companies otherwise many will not be able to compete against their higher emitting competitors.

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More than 750,00 followers over multiple sites broadcasting climate change news and information to assist people and companies to become carbon neutral.

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